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Neil Peterson, special to

Week 9 Predictions

Syndromes at Blazers:
Blazers by 18.

Black Sox at Z-Force
Z-Force by 22.

Tsunamis at Predators
Predators by 4.

Challengers at Conquistadors
Conquistadors by 30.

Thunder at Blockers
Thunder by 3.

Miracles at Crips
Miracles by 10.

Week 8 Predictions
Conquistadors at Crips:
Conquistadors by 18.

Blazers at Tsunamis:
Blazers by 12.
Miracles at Blockers:
Blockers by 1.
Predators at Black Sox:
Predators by 13.
Challengers at Thunder:
Thunder by 20.
Syndromes at Z-Force:
Syndromes by 1.

Week 7 Predictions
Z-Force at Miracles:
Coming into this season, I thought the Miracles would be one of the better
teams in the league. Unfortunately, nothing has gone right for this team.
Jon Kitna has been unstable, their running game hasn't been the force that
was anticipated, and their wideouts have been next to invisible on the
field, with only one touchdown between both Pro-bowl starters. I still
think that if everything fits into place, they could have a big game or
two, but until I see this, I can't give them the victory. With Marshall
Faulk and Emmit Smith back in the lineup, the Z-Force should get an easy
win, by twenty six points.

Challengers at Tsunamis:
Well, the Tsunamis finally got a win, and without perhaps their most
talented player. Now I expect Tory Holt to have a big comeback. He alone
should be able to outscore the Challengers, who are running out of steam
and still haven't found an answer in the backfield. All this adds up to
another win for the expansion team. That's right, and they better be
happy, because unless there are some major injuries or some blockbuster
trades, this will be my only predicted win for this team. They'll take it
by a field goal.

Blazers at Thunder:
Here's a good one. The Blazers' offense finally exploded last week, for
50 points. The Thunder, on the other hand barely survived a low scoring
game against the Miracles. This is the same team that had a huge win
against the Z-Force just a week ago. So the question is, which Boston team
will show up on gameday. I am confident now that the Blazers offense can
score, and I can't say the game the Thunder. I think that even if the
Thunder do well, which I'm not certain they will, the Blazers will simply
outgun them. They'll win by eight.

Conquistadors at Black Sox:
The Conquistadors must have been shocked after losing to the Blockers last
week. That means that they had a tough week of practice and a lot of
emphasis has been put on this game. That can only help Pheonix who will
need the right attitude if they want yet another trip to the Fantasy Bowl.
Luckily, they shouldn't have much trouble this week, even without RB Mike
Alstott. It's the same old story for the Black Sox. They need to make a
move. They will be able to beat the lesser teams with their current
lineup, but not the first-teir teams like Pheonix. Expect an eighteen
point victory by the Conquistadors.

Blockers at Syndromes:
How about those Blockers? It's only their first year, and they have
already beaten the best team of the past few years in Pheonix. They are on
a crash course for the playoffs, despite their low scoring, and could be
the best expansion team ever. If they want this to happen, these are the
games they have to win, against the middle range teams like the Syndromes.
Even though the Syndromes look better on paper, I'm going to pick the
Blockers to win this game, because they have been coming though lately and
they are hungry. They'll win by four.

Crips at Predators:
Kurt Warner + Isaac Bruce = win. Well, actually, they did lose their
first two games with these two playing, but they were so banged up at that
point, it's hard to count. The Predators could use some help from their
running backs, but this week, Warner and Bruce should be enough. Atlanta
will take this one by forteen.

Week 6 Predictions

Syndromes at Tsunamis:
If you're a struggling ball club like the Syndromes, there is one near
perfect way to get out of the rut. Play the Tsunamis. Right now, though,
next week is the least of things on this team's mind. Superstar Randy Moss
was held out of last week's lineup. Although, the reasons have not been
made public. Speculations are that Moss has violated the league drug
policy. An arbitration hearing is scheduled later this week and details
will be disclosed at that time. Rumor has it, though, until things are
settled, the Syndromes starting offense are on strike, and will not play in
next week's game. For the Tsunami's, this sideline drame, could be their
chance to win. Then again, maybe not. Waikiki will not have either of
their starting recievers available, including their best player Tory Holt,
or speedy backup Az-Zahir Hakim available. Oof. Even Middletown's backup
squad will be the lowly Tsunamis, by a good ten points. (Ed. note: the dispute concerning Middletown's score has been resolved.)

Z-Force at Predators:
Whoever it was in the league front office who scheduled this game has
disappointed every FFL fan out there. Why? It just so happens that what
could have been the year's most exciting game, with two of the highest
scoring offenses going head to head, will be significantly hindered. The
Predator's, and possibly the league's, most consistent duo, Kurt Warner and
Isaac Bruce will not participate, neither will either of New York's long
time backs Emmitt Smith or Marshall Faulk. Even if the combined score will
be dropped by forty points, this game will be close. The question now is,
who has the better backups, and who can come up big in the abscence of the
superstars. Although Jeff Blake is no Payton Manning, he is a very solid
QB who can't be taken lightly. Plexico Burress didn't get anything done in
the first two games of the season, but with fellow rookie Sylvester Morris
sitting out the game, and Irving Fryar being recently released, Atlanta has
no other choice. If Burress can have a big game, it might release some of
the heat that's been put on Atlanta's general manager for drafting him so
high. New York's back up reciever, Rod Smith, has a lot more experience
than Burress and should have no problem as third wide reciever in the run
and gun. A no show on Atlanta's roster is Dorsey Levens, and after
disappointing performances by rookie JR Redmond in the first two weeks,
veteran Larry Centers is getting the start. Centers has always had a good
pair of hands, and could have a good game coming out of the backfield on
intermediate routes. Charlie Garner has looked good in practice and should
do well in his first start of the year. Right now, this game looks very
close and there's no real way to call it. It all depends on who steps up.
However, New York still has their playcaller in Payton Manning, and with
him running the offense, I see them pulling out a close win by six. I
guess we'll have to wait to the playoffs before we can see the matchup this
could be.

Black Sox at Blazers:
The Black Sox ship is sinking fast, with a disappointing loss to expansion
Cockblockers last week. Right now, they just don't look good and the only
thing they can be happy about is the return of kicker Jason Elam to the
lineup. The Blazers don't feel any better, though, as only the Tsunamis
have a worse record. But, they still have a potent offense, and they have
lost to good teams. With five of their last eight games against teams with
losing records or expansion teams, they still have a chance to make the
playoffs, but they need this game. I think they will get. Else than Rich
Gannon and their kickers, the Black Sox next highest scorer has been its
defense. Ricky Williams has only one touchdown all season, and over the
past two games the Black Sox haven't cracked fifteen points. The Blazers
will win this game, and the Black Sox losing streak will continue. Blazers
by fifteen.

Challengers at Crips:
The Challengers won last week (or did they?), as did the Crips. I still
am in disbelief of the Challengers. A different player is stepping up for
them every week. Last week, it was Cade McNown. Who knows who it will be
this week. The Crips were a one man show, with Marcus Robinson leading
them to victory. What's worse is Duce Staley is doubtful and could miss a
large chunk of the season. Luckily they are fairly deep at this position
with Atwain Smith and Robert Smith to back him up. I personally think he
should start both of them, over the run and gun, as Amani Toomer hasn't
really been producing. But, I'm not coach, so I guess there's no point.
The Crips haven't been consistent enough this year, so I'm going to give it
to the Challengers, who have been winning and winning and winning. They'll
take it by twelve.

Thunder at Miracles:
The Thunder won a huge game against the Z-Force last week and now are part
of a clump of teams who are 3-2. If they want to play in the postseason,
they need to win games like this one. Both of these teams are packed with
talent, but don't have one consistent player who controls the game, like
the Predator's have in Kurt Warner and the Conquistadors have in Edgerrin
James. All Boston is expected to win, the Miracles are one of those teams
that can hurt a good team like the Thunder. I see that happening this
week. Cris Carter has done nothing this season, and I have a feeling he's
going to step it up this week. Curtis Martin is back in the rotation and
along with Jamal Anderson they have a sparkling backfield. If their
offense can strike at multiple positions, the Miracles are a force to be
reckoned with, and this week, I see that happening. They'll win by
fourteen points.

Blockers at Conquistadors:
The Blockers should enjoy their status above .500 because it won't last
long. Although they haven't looked bad, there's no way they can hang with
an offense like Phoenix's, namely running back Edgerrin James whose having
himself a hell of a year. Not much more to say about this one. Phoenix
will take this one by twenty.

Neil's Prediction Pct.
29-25-0 .537

(3-3) in Week 5
(2-4) in Week 6
(3-3) in Week 7
(4-2) in Week 8
(3-3) in Week 9

Neil Peterson is a columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and his FFL Week by Week column appears in 251 national newspapers. His views do not neccesarily reflect the views of the FFL Online nor its management.