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FFL Tonight's 2002 Analyst Team

A little fantasy football amongst friends.


Bob Dayton

The FFL Today's senior analyst, Bob is also an award-winning fantasy football columnist for the Boston Free Press. Each week Bob gives the FFL's general news reports, along with his own general insights and rumors he has heard. Dayton, a confessed statistics freak, supplements his pregame reports with heavy doses of facts and number crunching. Bob is most famously known in the FFL world as propigator of the Power Rankings, a system of ranking the worth of FFL teams that is as heavily criticized as the BCS system.


Manford Fowler

A former offensive lineman for the Miami Miracles (1992-95), Manford made a name for himself in 2001 as the brash and hulking guest analyst for the FFL Today. His column, "Personal Fowl," generated much controversy among FFL fans this year. Now, Manford is making the move from his freelance work to a fulltime studio spot on the FFL Tonight. Manford, the FFL Today's offensive expert, is known for his summaries of the previous week's games, as well as his analysis of upcoming matchups for the week. Nobody really knows what the roughneck Fowler was doing between 1995 and this year. (Though his blowup with Coach JeZieger, leading to the end of his career, is well documented.)


Niofred Koskelo

Niofred Koskelo, known in the FFL offices as "Coach K," is a new addition to the FFL Today and the FFL Tonight highlights show. Coach K is ex-defensive coach of the Chicago Black Sox, where he served under Coach LWelburn from 1994 to 1998. Because of Welburn's infamous "hands-off" style of coaching, he was often left to assume many of the team's sideline responsibilities -- and thus he has accumulated an accute sense for the mindset of an FFL coach. Koskelo headed up two of the best defensive squads of all time (Chi '97 is #4 all-time in PA/game, Chi '96 is #9) but was fired after the dismal 0-13-1 Black Sox team of 1998 finished with the second worst defense in league history. We'll see a lot of Coach K next summer, as he is the FFL Today's resident Draft Guru.


Jessie Hester

Hester has an unusual distinction among FFL players; he will forever be known as the final player selected in the inaugural 1992 FFL Draft, #128, in the 16th round by the Boston Thunder. Born January 21, 1963, in Belle Glade, Fla., Hester was a speedy possession receiver with an unremarkable FFL career. Jessie provides an intriguing ex-player's perspective to the FFL Tonight's studio show, drawing his observations from his own expertise -- one FFL start with the Thunder in 1992. Each week, he breaks down the plays that are succeeding or failing for FFL teams.


Jackie Zieger

A comment from one of her colleagues says it all: "Jackie Zieger is a sensation. Fans marvel at her good manners and impeccable appearance on a weekly basis after Monday Night Football. I only wish that I was able to hold on to my job as a sideline reporter, but I feel honored to have once worked the same beat as Jackie. I am still mad at her for stealing that Maxim cover shoot I was looking forward to, but if she tells me the names of her personal trainer and hair stylist, I will be more than happy to call it even." -Former FFL sideline reporter Melissa Stark


Ricardo Dayton

Bob Dayton's illegitimate son, Ricardo will return in 2002 as the FFL Tonight's other sideline reporter. While Jackie Zieger has been known to throw softball questions, Ricardo approaches his job with the upfront style of a Mike Wallacesque investigative reporter. He tries to be upfront, and is unafraid to ask FFL coaches and players the questions that need to be asked. Though he often leaves games with full-limb bruises and/or broken appendages because of this, his fans appreciate his love for "telling it like it is."

Freelance Contributors to the FFL Online


Neil Peterson

A nationally syndicated fantasy sports columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Peterson was a veteran reporter for the FFL Online during the 2000 and 2001 seasons. His FFL Week by Week segments were followed religiously by both the gambling industry and Christian Scientists. With the correct picks a whopping 53% of the time, Neil displayed an uncanny knack for fantasy football forecasting. Peterson will not be rejoining the FFL Tonight in 2002 due to "creative differences."