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WEEK 1- Sept. 5-9

Blockers at Conquistadors
Tsunamis at Challengers
Z-Force at Black Sox
Predators at Blazers 
Knights at Syndromes
Thunder at Miracles

WEEK 2- Sept. 15-16 

Syndromes at Predators
Black Sox at Tsunamis
Miracles at Knights
Conquistadors at Z-Force
Blazers at Thunder
Challengers at Blockers

WEEK 3- Sept. 22-23 

Thunder at Knights
Conquistadors at Black Sox
Challengers at Miracles
Syndromes at Blazers
Tsunamis at Blockers
Z-Force at Predators

WEEK 4- Sept. 29-30 

Z-Force at Syndromes
Thunder at Challengers
Tsunamis at Blazers 
Knights at Conquistadors
Blockers at Miracles
Predators at Black Sox

WEEK 5- Oct. 6-7 

Black Sox at Blockers
Miracles at Predators
Conquistadors at Tsunamis
Blazers at Knights
Challengers at Z-Force
Syndromes at Thunder

WEEK 6- Oct.13-14 

Blockers at Thunder
Predators at Tsunamis 
Knights at Z-Force
Black Sox at Syndromes
Miracles at Conquistadors
Blazers at Challengers

WEEK 7- Oct. 20-21 

Predators at Conquistadors
Black Sox at Thunder
Z-Force at Miracles
Challengers at Knights
Blazers at Blockers
Syndromes at Tsunamis

WEEK 8- Oct. 27-28 

Challengers at Syndromes
Z-Force at Thunder
Conquistadors at Blazers
Tsunamis at Knights
Black Sox at Miracles
Blockers at Predators

WEEK 9- Nov. 3-4 

Blockers at Z-Force 
Knights at Predators
Thunder at Tsunamis
Black Sox at Challengers
Miracles at Blazers
Conquistadors at Syndromes

WEEK 10- Nov. 10-11 

Knights at Black Sox
Z-Force at Blazers
Thunder at Conquistadors
Syndromes at Blockers
Challengers at Predators
Tsunamis at Miracles

WEEK 11- Nov. 17-18 

Blazers at Tsunamis
Conquistadors at Knights
Miracles at Blockers
Black Sox at Predators
Syndromes at Z-Force
Challengers at Thunder

WEEK 12- Nov. 24-25 

Blockers at Black Sox
Predators at Miracles
Tsunamis at Conquistadors 
Knights at Blazers
Z-Force at Challengers
Thunder at Syndromes

WEEK 13- Nov. 28- Dec. 2

Blockers at Knights
Predators at Thunder
Tsunamis at Z-Force
Blazers at Black Sox
Conquistadors at Challengers
Miracles at Syndromes

WEEK 14- Dec. 8-9 

Predators at Blockers
Miracles at Black Sox
Thunder at Z-Force
Syndromes at Challengers 
Knights at Tsunamis
Blazers at Conquistadors

WEEK 15- Dec. 15-16

Wild Card #3 at Division Winner
Wild Card #2 at Wild Card #1

WEEK 16- Dec. 21-23 

Low seed at Division Winner #1
Other at Division Winner #2

WEEK 17- Dec. 28-30 


Each team plays its divisional opponents twice, and every other team in the league once. Weeks 4,5,8,11,12 and 14 feature divisional rivalries while Weeks 1-3, 6-7, 9-10, and 13 feature interdivisional matchups.