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1) Waikiki released the Cleveland ST/D and signed Tony Richardson (RB).
2) Chicago released Adam Vinatieri (K) and signed Tony Banks (QB).
3) Middletown released John Kasay (K) and signed Albert Connell (WR).
4) Atlanta released the Cincinnati ST/D and signed Stacey Mack (RB).
5) Colorado released Phil Dawson (K) and signed Shawn Bryson (RB).
6) Boston released the New England ST/D and signed Charles Johnson (WR).
7) Phoenix released Bill Gramatica (K) and signed Doug Chapman (RB).
8) Phoenix traded David Terrell (WR) to Atlanta for Chris Fuamatu Ma'afala (RB).
9) Kansas City released the Washington ST/D and signed Raghib Ismail (WR).
10) Phoenix released the Seattle ST/D and signed Jeff Lewis (QB).
11) Colorado released David LaFleur (TE) and signed Travis Prentice (RB).
12) Middletown released the Green Bay ST/D and signed Ben Gay (RB).
13) Colorado released Gary Anderson (K) and signed Derrick Blaylock (RB).
14) Colorado released the Kansas City ST/D and signed Jeff Blake (QB).
15) Miami released the Carolina ST/D and signed the Kansas City ST/D.
16) Colorado traded the Miami ST/D to Waikiki for Richard Huntley (RB).
17) Chicago traded Rich Gannon (QB), Ricky Williams (RB), and their 2002 1st and 9th round draft picks to Phoenix for Daunte Culpepper (QB), Doug Chapman (RB), and their 2002 2nd, 3rd and 8th round draft picks.
18) Colorado released Jeff Blake (QB) and signed John Carney (K).
19) Colorado released John Carney (K) and signed Errict Rhett (RB).
20) New York released San Diego (ST/D) and signed Terry Allen (RB).
21) Atlanta released Tony Banks (QB) and signed Quincy Carter (QB).
22) Colorado released Errict Rhett (RB) and signed John Carney (K).
23) Phoenix released the N.Y.Jets ST/D and signed the Washington ST/D.
24) Phoenix released Dwayne Carswell (TE) and signed Correll Buckhalter (RB).
25) Colorado released Shawn Bryson (RB) and signed Willie Jackson (WR).
26) Waikiki released Terry Glenn (WR) and signed Jeff Graham (WR).
27) Colorado released Travis Prentice (RB) and signed the San Diego ST/D.
28) Phoenix placed Jamal Lewis (RB) on injured reserve and signed Anthony Thomas (RB).

Week 1

1) Boston released Charles Johnson (WR) and signed the Indianapolis ST/D.
2) Phoenix released Jeff Lewis (QB) and signed Cecil Martin (RB).
3) New York placed Reggie Wayne (WR) on the disabled list and signed Chris Weinke (QB).
4) Waikiki released Jeff Graham (WR) and signed Terry Glenn (WR).
5) Colorado released Anthony Becht (TE) and signed Mark Brunell (QB).
6) Montana released Robert Holcombe (RB) and signed Todd Pinkston (WR).

Week 2

1) Montana released Antowain Smith (RB) and signed Nick Goings (RB).
2) Montana released Drew Bledsoe (QB) and signed Jay Fiedler (QB).
3) Montana released Frank Wycheck (TE) and signed Ernie Conwell (TE).
4) New York released Matt Hasselbeck (QB) and signed Jerome Pathon (WR).
5) Chicago released Jeff George (QB) and signed Tony Banks (QB).
6) Middletown placed Terrell Davis (RB) on injured reserve and signed Matt Hasselbeck (QB).
7) Kansas City released Ed McCaffrey (WR) and signed Troy Brown (WR).
8) Chicago released Doug Chapman (RB) and signed Ed McCaffrey (WR).
9) Chicago placed Ed McCaffrey (WR) on injured reserve and signed Doug Chapman (RB).
10) Boston released Terance Mathis (WR) and signed Drew Bledsoe (QB).
11) Boston placed Drew Bledsoe (QB) on injured reserve and signed Terance Mathis (WR).
12) Colorado released Jake Plummer (QB) and signed Anthony Becht (TE).
13) Miami released Steve Christie (K) and signed Jose Cortez (K).
14) Miami released Itula Mili (TE) and signed Damon Jones (TE).

Week 3

1) Phoenix released Kevin Johnson (WR).
2) Colorado placed Jamal Anderson (RB) on injured reserve and signed Maurice Smith (RB).
3) Middletown released Ben Gay (RB) and signed Antowain Smith (RB).

Week 4

1) Chicago traded Jimmy Smith (WR) and Emmitt Smith (RB) to New York for Mike Alstott (RB), Darrell Jackson (WR), and a 2002 4th round pick.
2) Colorado released Mark Brunell (QB) and signed Jake Plummer (QB).
3) Colorado released Derrick Blaylock (RB) and signed Keith Poole (WR).
4) Charleston traded Bubba Franks (TE) to New York for a 2002 5th round pick.
5) New York released Cam Cleeland (TE).
6) Phoenix traded Waikiki the entirety of its 2003 draft (picks 1-13) in exchange for Waikiki's 2002 1st round pick.
7) Phoenix traded Ricky Williams (RB) to Atlanta for its 2002 1st round pick.

Week 5

1) Chicago released Doug Chapman (RB) and signed Trung Candidate (RB).
2) Miami released Damon Jones (TE) and signed Cam Cleeland (TE).
3) Miami released the Kansas City (ST/D) and signed Jon Kitna (QB).
4) Montana released Nick Goings (RB) and signed Jason Brookins (RB).
5) Montana released Jason Hanson (K) and signed Gus Frerotte (QB).

Week 6

1) New York placed Jerome Pathon (WR) on injured reserve and signed Marty Booker (WR).
2) Boston released Terance Mathis (WR) and signed David Patten (WR).
3) Boston placed Germane Crowell (WR) on injured reserve and signed Jermaine Wiggins (TE).

Week 7

1) New York placed Marshall Faulk (RB) on injured reserve and signed Rod Gardner (WR).
2) New York released Stephen Alexander (TE) and signed Frank Wycheck (TE).
3) Boston placed Michael Pittman (RB) on injured reserve and signed Dominic Rhodes (RB).
4) Colorado released Keith Poole (WR) and signed Shane Matthews (QB).
5) Boston released Mike Hollis (K) and signed Tom Brady (QB).

Week 8

1) New York released Jerome Pathon (WR).
2) New York released Rod Gardner (WR) and brought Marshall Faulk (RB) off of injured reserve.
3) Miami released Derrick Mayes (WR) and signed Laveranues Coles (WR).
4) Kansas City placed Tyrone Wheatley (RB) on injured reserve and signed Zack Crockett (RB).
5) Chicago released the Buffalo ST/D and signed Kevin Johnson (WR).

Week 9

1) Phoenix placed Edgerrin James (RB) on injured reserve and signed Peerless Price (WR).
2) Phoenix signed Joe Jurevicius (WR).
3) Phoenix signed Kevin Faulk (RB).
4) Colorado released Shane Matthews (QB) and signed Jim Miller (QB).

Week 10

1) Boston released Roland Williams (TE).

Week 11

1) Boston placed Stephen Davis on injured reserve and signed Ki-Jana Carter (RB).
2) Boston released Jermaine Wiggins (TE) and signed Jerome Pathon (WR).
3) Boston placed Jerome Pathon (WR) on injured reserve and reactivated Drew Bledsoe (QB) from injured reserve.
4) Boston released the Indianapolis ST/D and signed Eddie Williams (TE).
5) New York placed Terry Allen (RB) on injured reserve and signed Chris Chambers (WR).
6) Boston brought Stephen Davis (RB) off of injured reserve and released Ki-Jana Carter (RB).

Week 12

1) Atlanta released Kris Brown (K).
2) Kansas City brought Tyrone Wheatley (RB) off of injured reserve and released Dorsey Levens (RB).
3) Boston released Doug Flutie (QB) and signed Mark Brunell (QB).
4) New York released Frank Wycheck (TE) and signed Dwayne Carswell (TE).
5) Montana placed Jason Brookins (RB) on injured reserve and signed Troy Hambrick (RB).
6) New York released the Denver ST/D and signed the Pittsburgh ST/D.
7) Chicago traded Wesley Walls (TE) to Boston for future considerations.
8) Boston released Eddie Williams (TE).
9) Charleston signed Frank Wycheck (TE).

Week 13

1) Miami released Kyle Brady (TE) and signed Roland Williams (TE).
2) Miami released Jon Kitna (QB) and signed the Kansas City ST/D.
3) Boston released Mark Brunell (QB) and signed Todd Bouman (QB).

Week 14

1) Boston released Michael Pittman (RB) and signed Kris Brown (K).
2) Colorado released Willie Jackson (WR) and signed Drew Brees (QB).